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CPAM [ Certified in Professional Account Manager ]

Accounting through Tally is the process of recording, summarizing, reporting and analyzing financial transactions. Accounting is important in essentially every industry because it is the universal language used in all business practices. It makes sense of what really happening in a company and makes this data understandable to the general public, shareholders and also the employees.

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CPWD [ Certified Professional Web Developer ]

After completing of this course anyone is able to Develop a Website/Web Application using the Client Side (HTML,JAvaScript,CSS) and Server Side Scripting (PHP,AJAX,XML) with DBMS(MySQL) handling capability.

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ASP.NET [ Active Server Page Web Development ]

ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft and helps the programmers to develop advanced, dynamic and user friendly web sites, web applications and other web service. ASP.Net is built on the platform of CLR which is a short form of Common Language Runtime. This allows the programmer to write or develop an A

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PHP [ Server End Scripting ]

PHP is a scripting language used predominantly for web programming. It is very popular mainly because it is open-source and you don’t have to buy a license or copy to install it on your computer, and the websites created using it are very dynamic and attractive. The PHP community is very active an

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CPSE [ Certified in Professional Software Enginear ]


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